How to Apply for Ration Card (consumer card)

How to Apply for Ration Card (consumer card)

A ration card is something that we all have heard of from our childhood. A ration card or ration stamp or consumer card is a government-issued card and is basically used to obtain food and other commodities.

It helps the poor people to obtain food materials at a very cheap rate but it is also one of the major identification proof of an Indian citizen. We all should have a ration card as proof of identity and it can be obtained very easily.

We would like to let you all know the procedure for applying for a ration card.

For each state, the process remains the same and some of the states like Karnataka and Haryana have made the process online.

Criteria for applying ration card – Any person who is not included in any other ration card can apply ration card for him/her including the family members who would be sharing the same kitchen. We generally term it as the head of the family.

Steps to follow to apply for a ration card

  1. Get the application form from the circle office (मंडल – कचहरी) or you can download the form also from official website. If you wish  to download the ration card application form via traffic challan then click here
  2. Fill out the form and with the form, you need to have the following documents to get a ration card

List of documents required for Ration Card

  • Three passport-size photographs- The photograph should be of the head of family that needs to be attested by a gazetted officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councilor
  • Residential proof- You can provide your house registration documents, Tax receipts,  Major utility bill such as electricity bills, or any other proof of residence that is acceptable to the authorities.  Tenants for instance could get residency notes from the landlord.
  • If the applicant is unable to provide acceptable proof of residence then the Circle officer will normally accept statements from two independent witnesses in the person’s neighborhood.

Once the application and documents are submitted, officer from the Circle office will perform a random check at your residence to confirm the validity of your application. They make a personal visit for this purpose.

Normally this process takes around 15 days but it also depends on the local officer.

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